lawrence markey

OMAM are an icelandic indie folk pop band that I have been a fan of for years, each of their songs have a special meaning to me and are linked with many important past memories. After looking at the cover for their first album and comparing it to their new album I realised that they didn't have a designer for their first album. The lead singer just took one of her grandfather's old black and white photos and added colour. This made me decide that I wanted to do a rework of their original album, creating new cover art, booklet designs and CD art, maybe even some animation. I also want to create mini cover art for each individual song, attempting to capture the lyrics and meaning behind them in different symbol designs and artwork.
Their music has gotten me through a lot of difficult times and so this project will be a good opportunity for me to be able to display my portrayal of their music and what each song means to me.