Educational Trips

Each year we embark on a range of trips with our students as part of our enrichment programme. In 2018/2020 we headed to London, Barcelona, Iceland, New York and Tokyo with over 100 students!

In 2019/2020 we are widening our trip provision to offer a range of different opportunities at a range of prices. Each year we ask our students to vote on the destinations they would most like to visit in order to shape our trips provision to best suit each cohort. These are open to all students but are popular trips and there are limited places.

Some of our trips are limited to second year and Foundation Diploma students only. This is to ensure students are prepared for the more independent nature of the trips and the responsibility required. We run a range of large international trips every year, every student will have the opportunity for travel throughout their studies.

We accept deposits for trips once all Important Information forms have been returned to Palace Court reception. You can find a downloadable copy of this form below.

Important Information Form

Please note: the below prices are a quote only and are not confirmed until full numbers on the trips are finalised. For more information please refer to the Important Information form above.


London - ALL COURSES / Years

Price: £150 approx

Every year we take our students on a residential trip to London to gain inspiration, industry knowledge and cultural awareness. Last year students visited the Tate Modern, Victoria and Albert museum, Brick Lane and more. This year we will also be visiting the Create Your Future UCAS fair at EdExcel to help support our students in their choices for their future studies. Not only is this trip a great opportunity to explore London, it's a great chance to develop friendships, collaborate on ideas and have fun. 


Rome - ALL COURSES / Years

Price: £450 approx

After a nail biting student vote this year, we will be travelling to Rome in February! A cultural and historical hub filled with classical and contemporary art, this visit will provide students to experience a vibrant city, rich in experiences and a perfect place to learn a language.


San Francisco - ALL COURSES / 2nd years & Foundation Diploma Students only

Price: £1500 approx

This years out and out winner on the student vote, San Francisco is a destination full of contemporary art and culture. Home to Silicon Valley where tech giants such as Facebook and Google have their headquarters, Alcatraz and just a short day trip away from Yosemite park.

Tokyo lead-xlarge.jpg


Price: £1200 approx

We know that experiencing cultures other than our own is an enriching and humbling experience that  gives our students independence and engenders a curiosity for the world. There is no where better for our students to experience life outside of their own context quite like Japan. A destination that is steeped in history but also at the forefront of innovation, design aesthetics and style.