2017/2018 trips

Each year we embark on a range of trips with our students. In 2017/2018 we are planning trips to London, Berlin and New York!  Our trips are planned to give our students the best mix of museums, history, culture and experience.

These are open to all students but are popular trips and there are limited places. For more information on prices, please scroll to the end of this page.  



Every year we take our students on a residential trip to London to gain inspiration, industry knowledge and cultural awareness. Last year students visited the Tate Modern, Victoria and Albert museum, Brick Lane and more. Not only is this trip a great opportunity to explore London, it's a great chance to develop friendships, collaborate on ideas and have fun. 




We are planning to take a group of students to Berlin in February next year to explore the buzzing culture of the city. During our time  we will visit historical sites such like the Berlin Wall, the Jewish Museum and Museum Island. We will also explore Berlin with our very own Street Art tour guide to show us works by Roa, Banksy and more! Alongside this, students will explore the city, try the local cuisine and even learned a little German! 



This year we are planning on taking our students to New York for the first time! This exciting four day trip will be packed with visits to locations such as MoMa, the National History Museum, the Highline, Empire State Building, Central Park, The Guggenheim and more! This trip will be incredibly enriching for our students, not only through idea development and industry awareness but through independence and confidence that comes with overseas travel. 


Costs, securing a place and who to contact:

If you wish to secure a place you can by contacting the Info Point at 01752 203434 and paying a deposit which is non refundable if you change your mind or can't go. Please contact Maddy Blyth (mblyth@pca.ac.uk) for further information on payment dates.